Asus x541uv драйвер

Weight of the laptop is approximately only 2. Asus XU in desan with materials of very design style that looks luxurious and elegant. Design silver color plus black stripes transparent adds an elegant on Asus XU. It would be very suitable for teenagers who do not want to lose slang. The combination of the hardware and software on Asus XU give a different impression, which it did not exist in laptops from other brands. With better input, will make all the movement of your finger up.

Tapping, zooming, dragging, scrolling, clicking, and many more will not make you disappointed. You will feel different sensations in listening to music on an Asus XU. The sound would be more tough and tasted very deep, plus a vowel sound must be very clear. It will make you sleep in the music. Most LED panels emit blue light - the main cause of macular degeneration and retinal problems.

For storage, you can opt for a 2TB hard disk, or upgrade to a solid-state drive SSD for faster data access speeds. The reversible USB Type-C port ensures a proper connection every time, right-side up, or upside down. It also provides you with data transmission speeds of up to 5Gbps — almost 10 times that of USB 2. Now you can transfer photos, music, and even large video files in a fraction of the time — transferring a movie with a file size of 2GB takes less than two seconds.

asus x541uv драйвер

Enjoy responsive keystrokes and a precise touchpad with palm rejection technology for the very best input experience. The full-size one-piece chiclet keyboard provides a comfortable typing experience. An improved back-assembly provides 2. The larger mm x 74mm touchpads found on the VivoBook Max Series have a palm rejection feature which differentiates between actual fingertip and palm contact to prevent unintentional cursor movement.

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asus x541uv драйвер

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