Драйвер acer 5820tg

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Ensure that you have the correct scanner for this driver. The driver for this USB scanner has been listed below for download. See the hardware ID for more details. If you are looking for a Bluetooth driver then see the list below. If the Bluetooth device is not there then check the other Bluetooth drivers on this website to see if your device has been listed there.

драйвер acer 5820tg

In the CineBench CPU benchmark, there were no negative changes recorded after various repetitions of the test. Even in the high performance Battlefield: Bad Company 2 , the laptop performed fine at first. However, by the time we repeated the benchmark, the temperature had risen enough for the laptop to automatically restrict the CPU speed to 1. This throttling leads to a fps of A look at the database of the GT M shows that the graphics chip provides on average 30 fps in this benchmark.

The difference is small but, depending on the game, it can affect the playability. The GT M usually performs well in modern games. However, Full-HD gaming is not possible, and usually the performance is only good enough for the native x pixels. However, it seems plausible that every manufacturer sets its own limits in the BIOS to spare the hardware. Unfortunately, buyers can not change these settings.

This condition raises many questions for users, such as, "how will the laptop react in the summer? A query at Acer Germany led to the revelation that this problem has already been noted, and that technicians in Taiwan are already developing a solution for it.

This problem should be resolved via an update. However, a fixed release date is not available yet. The new TG is very quiet and would be a great companion for the office. Sometimes the cooler fan switches off which leads to noise emissions lying at a quiet The hard disk works quietly in the background and has an emission of All in all, the laptop is a good mobile device for work in the library or at the office. Under heavy usage, the laptop gets significantly louder.

At its loudest , the noise emission lies at Thankfully the notebook stays constant at this level. A quick lowering of emissions is noticeable when the cooling system successfully manages to cool down the system.

The new case has bigger and better ventilation openings. The cool office performance is also a big advantage. The temperature of the bottom and top sides lie in the blue regions of our image. Under heavy load, the temperatures rise clearly in our graphic, and are also subjectively tangible. The ergonomical surface and the keyboard warm up at the peak of The ventilation openings can reach a temperature of up to 43 degrees Celsius. Overall a good performance, but working with the notebook on the lap might be problematic.

A great feature is the fast cooler fan which quickly cools down the system after the work is done. The cooling system has improved and the case temperatures are lower than in the predecessor model.

Two stereo speakers lie hidden under the stylish panel made of aluminium above the keyboard. The caption "Dolby Home Theater" and "Professional Tuned" hint towards the great sound quality offered by the speakers of this price class.

We liked the sound quality in our first test. The sound spectrum seems balanced , while the bass playback remains well within limits. The maximum volume has the right level and the propensity towards brassy sound output is low. The positioning above the keyboard is a great choice too, as most notebooks place the speakers under the front of the device.

Despite the fact that the speakers and the software are both good, audio enthusiasts are still advised to use external speakers. They can do this via the HDMI port or the headphone jack 3. The sound quality is impressive in all cases.

The new Intel Sandy Bridge CPUs not only deliver more performance, but also save more power than the previous generation. In addition, the Nvidia Optimus and the Turbo Boost 2. The activated processor GPU shows its strength in office use with a power usage between 6.

драйвер acer 5820tg

This is slightly below the average power usage of other notebooks, and so a nice bonus. Under heavy load, the Nvidia GPU comes to life and the power usage jumps up to The power adapter delivered alongside the laptop has no problems dealing with the maximum power usage, as it offers a performance of up to 90 W.

When the laptop is in mobile use, the 6-cell Lithium-Ion battery with 66 Wh and mAh offers enough energy reserves. The biggest disadvantage of the new series is probably the securely integrated battery. This is still in the usual position the back of the laptop but can not be swapped out by the user.

The minimum battery life was measured by switching on the WLAN, maximum brightness and the high performance profile. The notebook manages to score very well in this test thanks to the big battery, and low power usage.

The laptop ran for 12 hours and 7 minutes with this configuration. This impressive result sets a standard for other consumer notebooks. The battery life of 8 hours on average is satisfactory. The fresh and slim design, input devices and the latest ports gave us a positive impression.

However, the case sturdiness and the modest, reflective display are two big weaknesses which still afflict the TimelineX series. The biggest criticism, besides the display, is the "Thermal Throttling" of the CPU at a relatively low temperature. Acer is trying to solve this problem for the buyers of the notebook. Additional positive features are: The overall positive impression is damaged slightly by the integrated battery. Swapping out the battery is no longer possible.

Overall a fresh new look for a brand new laptop. It has great performance and connectivity thanks to its latest hardware but it also has a few flaws. Still, a good package for multimedia enthusiasts for the current entry-level price of around Euro with a 24 month guarantee.

The new design fitting the TimelineX style, the new Isolation keyboard, the good battery life, and the low power usage. Acer hopes to improve this by updating the BIOS. Mainstream multimedia notebooks with the latest hardware. Quality journalism is made possible by advertising.