Драйвер s5830 samsung

Precautions when Charging your smartphone Learn More. Phone Screen Sharing Features: Programming Your Customizable Key. Live Chat support with a Samsung product expert. Mon - Sat 9: I had researched this phone before purchase and was not familair with an M model.

I took the phone out of the box and took the back plate off to check the Samsung manufaturer sticker for the model and sure enough it was in fact a SM model. I thought, what could be the difference. I tossed in the battery and started it up. The native language on the phone was Spanish Lol Ok, now I was concerned. Was this a knockoff or what? The customer service rep told me that it came up as " No Information Available". The rep then told me that that was because it was not a model that they supported in the U.

I asked, ok so what does that mean? The rep told me that this phone was not meant for sale in the U.

драйвер s5830 samsung

Now let me say this. I switched the language setting in the phone over to English and tested the phone out. Everything seems to work as it should. It also has the latest platform for gingerbread 2. So everything seemed to check out with the exception that if anything ever happens to this phone then I am just screwed They Amazon also told me that they were going to investigate the seller as well as the rest of the stock that they have on hand for this phone.

I want to be clear that Amazon has been very helpfull in this matter in standing behind their site and customers. Today, I called the 3rd party seller that is selling this phone. They are out of New York.

He went on to say that he would send me the correct phone if I would call Amazon and return the discount that Amazon gave me first. I did tell him that I would be happy to give the discount back but I would have to have what I ordered first. No Way would I give it back first and then still be stuck with a phone that had no warranty and would not have any assistance for should something go south with it.

He agreed and said that he would send me an email with the tracking number within the hour. Lo and behold, that hour came and went with no email. It just shows me that I was correct in my assumtion. In short, be careful and order from this merchant at your own risk. You are deffinately rolling the dice. See all reviews. Most recent customer reviews. Published 1 month ago. Published 8 months ago. Published 1 year ago. Published on August 4, Published on June 10, Published on January 24, Published on January 19, Published on January 14, Unsubscribe at any time.

Download usb driver for samsung galaxy GT Claude Hayward Jul 21, , 7: More about download driver samsung galaxy gt Claude Hayward Jul 22, , 6: Thanks I had looked already. This Samsung 3G phone is preloaded with organisation suite tools like Thinkfree File visitor, Voice memorandum as well as voice mail.

The Samsung Galaxy Ace accepts a minimalists design while packing in lots of powerful attributes. It is merely magnificent to look at and also will certainly feel quit unique when you run the huge 3. Access to the Android Market is specific to provide limitless quantities of fun, specifically thinking about plus applications are presently readily available.

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