Raid asus драйвер

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Such license agreement may be a "break-the- seal" license agreement. At which point during your installation did it ask for such a thing, or did you have to do something or what? JackNaylorPE Mar 18, , 8: Win 7 has the drivers it needs for RAID McHenryB Mar 18, , 8: CopywriterAlan Mar 18, , 8: CopywriterAlan Mar 18, , 9: If windows already has such drivers then why is it so freaking slow and unusable under RAID?

When installing Windows on a RAID setup, does it install on both disks at once or only one disk and then start copying over? Because I keep reading about "building the array". Is that a separate process after Windows install or should it already be fully built upon the first boot? McHenryB Mar 18, , 9: I can afford the hour or so that it would take to restore the image to a new disk.

I tried Acronis once and when I needed it, it did nothing. This is just driving me crazy now. McHenryB Mar 18, , The usual troubleshooting procedure here is to try different drives in the same port to check if the drives are faulty and a known working drive in different ports to test the ports. You should expect to see both drives in the Windows install program but the installed Windows will only show in Explorer the install drive. What do Device Manager and Disk Management show?

JackNaylorPE Mar 19, , 3: I would assume there has to be an option for that in the BIOS.

raid asus драйвер

Or call Asus tech support. Be aware that the Windows restore partition is likely on that RAID so once you break it you will loose the possibility of restoring Windows to factory condition. After the cloning process is complete reinstall the SSD in the laptop and I think you should be okay. Very fast bootup, and a nice machine. There is nothing to recover with a Raid 0 configuration if it fails.

I bought the same laptop about 3 months after buying the first machine. Now, about a month after her harddisk crash, my machine, which she is using, is getting disk errors on bootup, so it appears ASUS had either a batch of bad drives, or the brand they used was not up to the task. Naturally both machines are just out of the one-year warranty period, but my extended warranty through the card that I used to buy the machines will take care of repairs - but it is a hassle.